10 Steps to Smashing Your 2019 Goals

First of all, let’s clear something up: making New Year’s resolutions isn’t our style.

We refuse to believe that the year offers but one opportunity to set goals and make positive changes. You can make resolutions whenever you feel inspired to – even today.

But the problem: while it’s relatively easy to set yourself a fitness-focused goal – say, a lap of the rig, for example – seeing it through can be a different story altogether.

The truth is, smashing goals requires more than just showing up, and that’s why many new year’s resolutions aren’t sustained. But, with the help of our 10-step approach, you’re set to succeed this time around.

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Setting goals: Where to start

  1. Choose your goal

    When it comes to improving health, you’re likely to benefit more from setting goals that focus on performance – such as increasing your back squat weight or your max number of pull-ups. Specific performance goals are easier to measure, whereas aesthetic-driven goals like ‘defined abs’ or ‘bigger glutes’ can seem unachievable as they’re vague and don’t specify a point of success. Ensure your goals set are measurable realistic. We’re all for ambition, but anything too wild could cause you to lose motivation.

  2. Hold yourself accountable

    Throwing in the towel becomes a lot less tempting once you’ve shared your goal with friends, family and fellow One Academy members: get your goal heard. Spread the word on social media – if that’s your thing – and scrawl it on our Set It, Sweat It, Get It Goal Wall so you’re reminded of your objective every time you set foot in the pit. Just ask someone from the team to pass you a pen.

  3. Acknowledge your starting point

    For a goal to be measurable it must have both a start and finish point. Before you even begin pursuing your goal make note of where you’re at now. If fat loss is an aim, keep a record of your body fat percentage, measurements and a selection of selfies from day one. If increasing your deadlift 1 rep max is your goal, jot down your current 1 rep max. That way, you can keep track of your progress throughout.

Sticking to goals: The road to success

  1. Take action

Every goal needs a plan of action, and who better to help you navigate your way to success than the One Academy team? Book a session with one of our trainers to map out your route to victory or ask them for advice on class attendance. If you struggle to make regular classes or private sessions, consider asking one of our coaches to create a customized workout plan for you to complete in your own time.

  1. Make small changes

Get cracking right away, but try not to make too many changes at once. If you up your activity levels, strip your diet of sugar and swear off alcohol in one swoop you risk overwhelming yourself. A little slip could knock your confidence and cause you to question whether your goal is even achievable. Introduce one small shift at a time – such as eating more vegetables – and only introducing new changes once you’ve acclimatized to the previous.

  1. Keep tabs

Track your progress every couple of weeks. Not only will this confirm you’re on the right path, but it will also incentivize you to keep pushing forward. If you can see yourself inching closer to the win week by week, you’ll be inspired to see it through.

  1. Review and Reassess

Be openminded to ensure you’re achieving to the best of your ability. You may find that some part of the plan isn’t working for you and needs tweaking – there’s no shame in redirecting. On the other hand, you could find that you achieve your goal much quicker than anticipated, or you get an itch to change course. In this case, reconvene with your trainer to discuss your options and formulate a new plan.

Smashing goals: How to succeed

  1. Get a support system

There’s a reason the words ‘we are stronger as one’ are plastered on the pit wall: goals are easier accomplished when you have the support of friends, family and fitness buddies. Involve loved ones in workouts and meal prep to keep you accountable (you’re less likely to quit if you’ve committed to someone you care about), and if you feel like you need extra encouragement then sign yourself up for a class. One Academy has your back.

  1. Look at your health as a whole

It takes more than just consistent exercise to see a change in your physical health (though activity is a large part of the equation). Your diet, stress levels and sleep quality are all huge factors, and readjusting just one element could be the key to achieving your goal. Consult a nutritionist if you’re unsure of what your diet should look like (as opposed to adopting a diet from Instagram) and aim to indulge in stress relieving activities, like walking, reading or taking an extra-long bath, every week. Above all, prioritize recovery. Without allowing your body ample time to repair itself post-workout you risk setbacks and even injury. For efficient recovery, or to address an injury or discomfort that’s delaying your progress, consider scheduling an appointment with one of our wellness experts.

  1. Reward yourself

It’s important to acknowledge every success as an incentive to keep going. So, for every milestone – big and small – be sure to reward yourself. Perhaps it’s a smoothie after completing a particularly challenging class, or maybe it’s something more substantial, such as a new hoodie to add to your collection. Whatever treat you choose, be sure to follow through. It makes the success of smashing your goal all the more sweeter.


Written by Abbi Henderson