A Few Reasons To Love Your Protein Smoothie!

One Academy Protein Shakes

The best thing about enjoying a nice cold protein smoothie after your workout, is that you don’t have to make it yourself!

At One Academy you can pre-order your vanilla or chocolate smoothie and have it ready and waiting for you after you crush your workout, and no blender to clean!

Protein, an essential nutrient available from animal and plant sources, makes up about 20% of our body weight. Not only is it found in our muscles, but also in tissues such as our hair, nails, skin, eyes and body organs like the brain and the heart. Red blood cells, hormones, antibodies, and enzymes (little molecules responsible for catalyzing chemical reactions all over the body) are all necessary  to our health and survival, and require or are made up entirely of protein (Haas, 40).

When exercising, proteins  in our muscle tissues are broken down into amino acids that are then used as a source of energy. This is why intake of protein during and after exercise is important, as it facilitates growth and repair of muscle tissue (Bean, 56).

One Academy has chosen the following blend of protein supplements for their smoothie to maximize muscle building and muscle repair: whey protein, branched-chain amino acids and glutamine.  Here are a few reasons to enjoy a smoothie after your next workout!


      • Whey protein is easily digestible
        • It’s acid soluble so it digests easily in the stomach (Devries & Phillips) and slows once it enters the small intestine for maximum absorption (Marshall).
      • Whey is a complete proteinIt contains all 20 amino acids necessary to synthesize protein in the body
        • Whey is also particularly high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s – more on those later!) (Marshall).
      • It can help boost your immune system and the liver’s ability to detoxify.
        • Some amino acids are used in the body to make the “Master Antioxidant” glutathione (Axe, Marshall),
        • Glutathione is found in every cell of the body (Axe) including liver cells, and it enhances the activity of many other antioxidants (Mercola) thereby boosting the immune system.
      • It promotes weight loss
        • High in CLA, a healthy omega 6, whey promotes weight loss and also decreases inflammation, associated with many modern day ailments like cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol and food allergies (Mercola).
      • It promotes muscle building
        • Much research supports that a combination of a high quality protein supplements like whey, along with resistance exercise, promotes muscle building, while preventing the loss of lean muscle mass associated with weight loss and age related muscle-wasting (Devries & Phillips; Vereijen et al.; Rondanelli et. al.).
        • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) make up about 1/3 of all muscle tissue in the body. They have an anabolic effect on muscle tissue similar to that of steroid treatments (but it’s safe and natural) (Haas, 618).
          • Other benefits of BCAA’s include:
            • Promoting recovery from muscle damage after resistance training and decreasing muscle soreness
            • Boosting the immune system which can become weakened after intense or prolonged exercise
            • Improved exercise performance by increasing resistance to fatigue and sparing muscle glycogen (form of stored energy)
            • And of course, building muscle due to it’s anabolic effect which promotes protein synthesis (muscle building) and lowers the rate of protein breakdown (muscle breakdown) (Livestrong).
      • One word: Glutamine
        • A single one hour workout can cause a 40% decrease in glutamine and as a result suppresses the immune system,leading to what is called “overtraining syndrome”. This makes glutamine very beneficial for long distance athletes as well as individuals that train intensively.
        • While it is known for supporting muscle metabolism, Glutamine is becoming particularly popular for its healing abilities in the small intestine (Haas, 52, 256) and promoting healthy bowel movements (Axe)
        • Glutamine influences the effect of insulin in such a way as to decrease cravings for sugar and carbohydrates (Axe).
        • Glutamine also promotes relaxation and helps decrease anxiety and decrease blood pressure, as it is readily converted into an important neurotransmitter (GABA) that inhibits the nervous system (Haas, 256).


Special thanks to One Army Warrior Mike Wies for his expertise in training and protein supplementation for this delicious treat!

Feel free to comment with any questions, concerns or if you have any other interesting facts or information regarding protein supplements or any other nutrition related topics you would like to see featured on the One Academy blog!


Chelsea R. (Holistic Nutrition, current study)
Email: chelsearanger@hotmail.com
On Facebook: Chelsea Lynne Ranger


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