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You Are What You Eat: Trainer Approved Snacks

It takes more than the right mindset and gear to get the most out of your workout: a good pre-workout snack will give you the energy you need to give…

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How to Row like a Pro:

The rower is one of the best conditioning tools in our arsenal of equipment. Like any tool, the key to using it effectively is understanding how it works and applying the…

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10 Steps to Smashing Your 2019 Goals

First of all, let’s clear something up: making New Year’s resolutions isn’t our style. We refuse to believe that the year offers but one opportunity to set goals and make…

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My Experience At The World’s Toughest Mudder

The guy who started this race isn’t the same guy who finished it. Races like this change you. I went into this race with a bone to pick. Last year…

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International Coffee Day

As a newly proclaimed “coffee drinker”, I jumped at the chance to do a little research on the delicious beverage in honour of International Coffee Day! With two kids under…

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The 5 Most Dangerous Words…

“Maybe it will go away?” These are the 5 most dangerous words for any runner. You feel an ache or pain somewhere in your body either before, during or after…

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