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The 5 Most Dangerous Words…

“Maybe it will go away?” These are the 5 most dangerous words for any runner. You feel an ache or pain somewhere in your body either before, during or after…

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Conquering The Stonehame Beast Race

Setting Goals At the start of this year I set a goal for myself – to train and compete at a level that would take me to the top of…

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5 Ways to Master Your Mornings

Rise and shine, sleepy head!  Still hiding under the covers and dreaming about that perfect body? Well, come and get it! We know it can be hard to trick yourself…

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You May Need To Change The Way You Approach Running Injuries

Your body is an ever-adapting organism, and the body’s tissues get stronger or weaker depending on what you ask of them. If you progressively increase your running distances through the…

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These Health Benefits Will Have You Refilling Your Water Bottle ASAP

Water, as we all know, is an essential part of life. But few seem to know just how important it is. Find out how hydrating regularly can boost your overall…

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Post-Workout Fails And Easy Ways Of Avoiding Them

Most of us aren’t fully benefitting from our workouts because we don’t eat properly afterwards. We’re all guilty of the occasional post-workout fail. We’ve all been there: Sometimes we crush…

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