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60 mins

Test your physical and mental strength while building your tenacity. Rowers, bikes and treadmills combined with high reps and longer bouts of effective strength and conditioning techniques will prepare you for any challenge that comes your way.


60 mins

This high-caliber class was built to test you, and helps you to maintain a higher threshold of intense exertion with longer bouts of training. Burn calories, increase performance, and grow lean muscle mass. Intense, well-structured, and standardized challenges are timed so our soldiers can watch their progress. Rowers, treadmills, sleds, chin-ups, and much more are involved to give one of the most motivating and epic workouts around.


60 mins

This class is packed with short bursts of explosive movement and strength techniques, designed to maximize fat loss and calorie expenditure while increasing strength and performance, and maintaining lean muscle mass. Sprint will have you pumped and burning calories for the next 48 hours, helping you metabolize fat more efficiently in your daily life.


90 mins

Our signature class, Everest, stacks 400m to 1 km interval runs with lifts, exercises, and obstacles. The timed 3km, 5km, 7km, and 10km course options allow you to easily evaluate your progress. This class never gets easier, but you get stronger!


60 mins

This full-body strength and conditioning class will prepare your mind and body for any challenge you face. Fortitude is the perfect class for all-around Warriors, as your strength, cardio, agility, power, speed, quickness, and above all, your tenacity will be tested. Be prepared for anything, as any and all equipment is fair game in this heart pumping, muscle shredding, fat melting, group training class.

Hump Day Pump Day

60 mins

Get over the mid-week hump with this blood pumping, full-body strengthening workout! This fun, next-level class combines our top-of-the-line equipment with compound movements designed for losing fat and building lean muscle mass. An hour long pump fest that will get you looking and feeling energized!

Upper Body Jacked

60 mins

Increase your strength and performance in our signature One Academy™ upper body workout. Whether you're looking to do your first unassisted chin up, build muscle, crush the obstacle course or simply tone up to look great in that dress or bathing suit, our coaches will advise you on range and intensity to achieve your personal goals. Bands, bars, and core work combine to get your chest, back, arms, and abs looking and performing their best.

Lower Body Pump

60 mins

Barbells, dumbbells, bands and top-of-the-line equipment will be used in our signature strength classes. By manipulating reps, sets, rest, and intensity we’ll constantly keep those glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and cores improving. Whether you’re looking to put on size or simply tone up, our professional coaches will keep you in the rep range necessary to get you there.

Jacked for the Weekend

60 mins

This intense bicep and booty building, stomach shredding, fat melting, back cutting, chest pumping sweat fest will have you looking and feeling jacked for the weekend.


60 mins

We train with a purpose at this gym and love putting our training to the test. In this class we will be going over rope climb technique, Platinum Rig, and warped wall so we can be ready for anything that comes in our path this year!

Rise Up

60 mins

This easy-to-follow class will familiarize you with the One Academy™ equipment and core exercises. Created for new members, Rise gets you pumped and ready to conquer our Sprint, Marathon, and Everest classes.



90 mins

Three of our signature classes "Warrior", "One Strength" and "Sprint" collide for 90 minutes of epicness!


30 mins

Take care of your body and optimize your athletic performance. This mobility tune up will help you move better, recover, and reduce the risk of injury so you can keep training at your highest level. You will learn a variety of mobility drills for you to use pre and post workout/race. *Stretching band & ball is required.

Progressive Running Program

60 mins

This 12 week running program designed and lead by former Canadian Marathon Champion Rejean Chiasson will help build your speed and endurance so you can be the best all around athlete you can be. The human body is meant to run. Sprints, hills, long & short intervals, we’ll test you in every way keeping you guessing week after week.

Youth Athletic Development Program

60 mins

This challenging yet fun progressive program is designed not only to improve speed and agility, but also, to increase overall strength and mobility. During this class, youth (ages 8-13) work in a positive team atmosphere to set goals, gain confidence, and overcome challenges.

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