One Academy Activity Exchange

One Academy (OA) and Activity Exchange (AE) have been closely affiliated since day one, and share much of the same community, and so we are very excited to announce the merging of these two groups under the One Academy umbrella. Jesse Bruce, partner of OA and Michael Ma, creator of AE, have had this in the works for some time.  

“The whole dream behind OA is to bring everyone, of all fitness levels and all backgrounds, together. We love what AE represents and has achieved over the years. AE has a lot of our members in it, including myself, so we wanted to see how we can support Michael bringing together an even stronger and more inclusive community”, Jesse Bruce.

MAThis new group will be called OA Activity Exchange, and it will serve as a hub for Toronto members and the surrounding community to join in and become a part of the activities. The most popular of the group activities is the training run, notably the Wednesday long run, and the Sunday trail runs organized by Ma. Lead by Ma, an OCRWC podium finisher, and supported by OA, the Wednesday run group will follow a structured program aligning to the start and end of trail, road, and OCR racing season.

It will continue year-round, supporting all fitness levels. With Ma’s training/race experience, and his passion for helping people improve, along with Bruce’s experience and support from OA, the runs align with top run groups in Toronto.  The Wednesday group will now meet at One Academy at 858 Eastern Avenue unless otherwise specified, starting the first week of January. The Sunday Trail runs will be in various locations in and surrounding the GTA and posted regularly in OA AE.

Members of the community can request to join the group here.