Post-Workout Fails And Easy Ways Of Avoiding Them


Most of us aren’t fully benefitting from our workouts because we don’t eat properly afterwards. We’re all guilty of the occasional post-workout fail.

We’ve all been there:

Sometimes we crush a morning class but forget our lunch and water bottle at home (mornings are hard).

Sometimes we think a protein bar packed with xylitol, sorbitol, lactitol, soy lecithin and erythritol is “better than nothing” and eat it on the way to drinks with friends, only to find ourselves uncomfortably bloated and dehydrated.

Or maybe we get home, too tired to undress and shower (never mind cook dinner) so we order an $11.99 large 4 topping pizza and binge watch “This is us”—sometimes life simply gets in the way of our goals.

Strength Bar on Shelf

A Diet That Builds and Repairs:

What you eat and drink post-workout is crucial to reaching your fitness goals. Heavy weight-lifting or long-distance running can cause muscle damage, so a diet that that builds and repairs overworked muscles is vital.

Easy-to-digest Proteins:
A well-planned post-workout meal or snack will do the trick, making your muscles stronger over time. According to the Dietitians of Canada (DC), you should give your body easy-to-digest protein and carbohydrates—and a little bit of healthy fat—so your muscles can start repairing and replenishing lost nutrients as soon as you’re done your workout.

An Easy way of Avoiding Post-workout Fails

Pure Strength Protein Bars:

They use what is generally accepted to be the highest quality protein available—New Zealand whey protein. They also have no artificial chemicals, preservatives, added flavours or colours.

Why we choose Pure Strength Protein Bars:

The sports nutrition market is flooded with deceiving claims and bizarre ingredients. So you shouldn’t be too hasty when deciding which products you choose to put inside your body. Look for natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Pure Strength Protein Bars are all made-to-order and shipped weekly in small batches, guaranteeing utmost freshness, and their packaging is 100% recyclable.

Strength Bar in Hand

As far as protein bars go, they actually taste pretty good:
StrongBars was founded on the belief that life is to be enjoyed, not endured, and coincidentally, that is exactly how we feel about their protein bars. These Pure Strength Protein Bars are as delicious and satisfying as they are effective.

Let us know what you think of our products, or if there are any others that you’d like us to look into.