3 Reasons to Train at Home (or Anywhere!) 

Coach Haley leading OA Virtual

The One Academy pit is always here and ready for our bold-faced Warriors to take on their next challenge, but the OA Virtual Room reminds us to keep crushing our goals no matter where life takes us.
Whether you’re on a work trip, family vacation, or escaping the city for a few days, we are setting you up for success! Here are our top 3 reasons to crush an OA Virtual class

Reason #1: Minimal Equipment Needed

The carry-on weight limit is 23kg so we can’t have dumbbells taking up precious luggage space. Our OA Virtual workouts are designed with you in mind, and require only a few pieces of equipment:

  • 2 lighter objects of equal value, like water bottles or canned beans (I know you have some in the cottage somewhere)
  • 1 heavier object, like a pet or child under the age of 2 years
  • 1 elevated surface, like a (sturdy) coffee table or porch step 
Reason #2: Train from anywhere

Whether you’re an ocean away or a few hours up north, you can literally train from anywhere with an internet connection. Burpees in the cabin? Jump in the lake after! Side shuffles on the beach? The sand adds a welcome challenge! Hotel room Warrior finisher? Switch the 400m run to some hotel stairwell action! 

Reason #3: Don’t miss a beat

OA Virtual classes are designed using the same HiFlux® training blocks as our in-person classes. When you take OA Virtual on the road with you, you won’t miss a beat when you return in-person training. You’ll jump right back into the swing of things like you never left, and can keep climbing your mountain.

And, with virtual class times between 20-45 minutes, getting your workout in just got even more convenient. 

Ready to jump in? Grab the OA Virtual Out of Towner Package – 7 days of live and on-demand virtual classes for only $15!