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Trainer Talk: 5 tips for creating good habits (and sticking to them!)

It’s that time of year again: New Year, new routine. And the messaging is everywhere – do this, eat that, and crush your resolutions so you can be a better…

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Get the most at the Fuel Bar

Flavour and functionality aside – the products at our Fuel Bar are thoughtfully chosen with your performance in mind. From pre-run to post-class, we want to provide you with products…

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Winter Runs: Maintaining momentum

With the arrival of winter, it might be tempting to hang up your running shoes and hibernate until spring. However, long periods of inactivity lead to a loss of running…

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Form Check: Single Leg RDL

We have hinged our way to better deadlifts with step by step cues to break down the movement. Then we sped up our technique in order to master the SkiErg….

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Warrior Spotlight: Amita

“Keep going.”  These words mean a lot of things, but to Amita they mean stick to it, never give up, and never back down. Our friend Amita can simply look…

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Shifting Gears: New Fall/Winter Class Schedule

The fall season means ushering in a new class schedule for our One Academy Warriors. In the summer, we place the focus on conditioning in preparation of the early-fall race season,…

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