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Be a Better Runner: It Starts with a Plan

Do you want to become a better runner? One of the most effective ways to improve your running and stay injury free is following a structured run plan. Training without…

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Warrior Spotlight: Tanaby

“Last summer I was able to do my first ever 10km run and my longest bike ride of 114km to Barrie and back!” Name: Tanaby Mofrad  One Academy member since:…

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Nutrition Tips to Fuel your Workout

Author: Coach Haley Why does it matter what we eat before and after a workout? When it comes to any fitness or health goal, your pre and post-workout nutrition is…

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New Challenge: Rise as One

Together, we will Rise as One! Is there something you’ve been dreaming about doing, something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t committed to, a goal that has been on…

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How to: Build a Crushable Open Gym Workout

Author: Sarah McManus Ever walked in for an Open Gym session and not known where to start? With a little planning and these tried and true tips on structuring your…

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New OA Run Crew: Farther as One, Faster as One

Want to run farther and faster than ever before? If that sounds like you, the new season of OA Run Crew is for you! Coach Ma and Coach Bruce have…

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