Much more than just another routine.

We see too many gyms either just throwing together random workouts trying to make people puke. The classes have no purpose or structure. Or they promise a different workout every time when that isn’t what you want. Others have trainers putting together their own workouts with other trainers having no idea what’s happening so they don’t complement each other or build off each other. We wanted people who work hard for the memberships they pay for to come and know that they are getting a carefully put together, well thought out, progressive workout with their goals in mind. So, we created HIFLUX™ .

HIFLUX™  was created to give the masses the most effective strength, fat loss, and performance training possible. We wanted to create a program that people of all levels could participate in and be challenged by. With so many types of athletes who play different sports and are involved in different activities training with us, we needed a program that could optimally benefit everyone and help them become better versions of themselves every day. For the body to physically change and become stronger, leaner, and perform better, it must be challenged constantly, progressively overloading everything from strength movements to cardio movements. Combined with a lot of skill development work, participants will gain significant improvements in performance. 


“HIFLUX™ is our unique four-week training program that evolves as your muscles adapt—each week, workouts progress in intensity and volume, and after 4 weeks a new workout is introduced so you’re always challenged and never plateau. It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.”


To build the  “All round Warrior” we focus on Energy System Development. Your body has three different systems working at all times, each one working harder depending on the intensity of the exercise or movements you are doing. The first system is more immediate and explosive, lasting approximately 10 seconds, with the second system taking over up to 120 seconds, the aerobic system is the longest lasting system. Developing all three of these systems and incorporating skill work properly not only bring you to a new level in your sport, it will make you an all around lean muscle mass building, fat burning machine. The best part is your body becomes more efficient at burning fat the 1 to 2 days after you’re done—imagine that, burning fat while you’re sleeping!  

People want to do 3 big things. Feel better, look better, and perform better. With all this taken into careful consideration, and using our experience of 15 years in the industry and the most up to date research in strength, movement, and conditioning HIFLUX™ was developed. We looked at every single way the human body moves, where and how we carry load, and how much of each of our energy systems are being used when moving in our sport and everyday life. We looked back in time and look at how the body is supposed to move and love going back into the rawness of how men and women lived before cars and technology made us weak. The body is meant to walk and run, so we move that way in our classes. The body is meant to push, carry, and pull our own body, so we train that way with bodyweight movements. We should be able to lift, carry, throw, push, and pull weighted objects from point to point.

Written by: Jesse Bruce