Mastering the Assault Bike – Put the Pedal to the Metal

There are a number of reasons why the Assault Bike is one of our favourite conditioning tools. The Assault Bike provides a total body, low impact workout and the harder you push, the higher the resistance felt. As a result, the Assault Bike has few equals in terms of sheer calories burned per minute.  

The beauty of an Assault Bike workout is that once the bike is properly set up, minimal technical skill is required. Do you want to maximize your output on your next workout and ensure that no watts are wasted? Here’s our top tips for Assault Bike set up and use.  

Seat Height

The first step to bike setup is adjusting the seat height by turning the adjustment knob counterclockwise and pulling on the pin to raise or lower the seat. If the seat is too high, your body will rock from side to side, costing you valuable power. If the seat is too low, your knee angle will be too tight which can lead to joint pain.

Leg Extension

Adjust the seat so that your leg is fully extended when your heel is resting on the pedal while it is at the lowest position. At this seat height, your leg will have the optimal bend once your mid-foot is centered on the pedal. 

Seat Setback

Once we have found the right seat height, the next step is adjusting seat setback to make the most efficient use of our arms. Adjust setback so that your arm is just shy of full lock out at its furthest point while leaning slightly forward.   

Take note of both the seat height and setback position to quickly optimize the bike for your next workout. 

Bringing it all together

Center your mid-foot on the pedal, keep your knees in line with your feet and sit tall with a slight lean forward. To make breathing easier, glance down with your eyes to check the monitor rather than tilting your head down. Keep your core tight to avoid rotating your torso and rocking on the seat, which will cost you power production on the bike. Pedal, push and pull as hard as you dare and get ready to feel the burn!