New Season, New Schedule

For the next block, commencing on April 22nd, we’re going back to our Spring/Summer schedule!

If you’ve been coming here for a while you know we break up our year into two seasons with two schedules. There are many reasons we do this, from keeping the programming interesting right down to a muscular and physiological level. We are always adding new stimulus to the programming to challenge your body so it never plateaus.

This Spring/Summer season we’re adding something different to our schedule: the last two classes of everyday will be different from the AM and day classes, so it will be easier for you to add more variety.

Main Schedule

With the doors opening, the daily, main schedule will have conditioning classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; with Sprint on Monday being an indoor conditioning and fat loss class; and Wednesday Warrior and Friday Marathon will have an outdoor running component most of the time. Don’t worry non-runners, we always have 6 rowers available. The strength classes are flipping as well, with Lower Body Pump (LBP) running all day Tuesday and Upper Body Jacked (UBJ) running all day Thursday. For the late classes Fortitude will run Monday evening, HDPD Wednesday evening and JFTW Friday evening.

Having classes designated to LBP and UBJ for the Spring/Summer season allows you to get more volume targeting specific movements and isolating different muscle groups, resulting in increased strength and reducing losses in strength that can come from increased cardio. LBP and UBJ also allows us to add more of that much needed accessory and core work that we need to stay strong and reduce the risk of injury during our competition seasons. Don’t worry if you miss a LBP or UBJ day, that’s another advantage of having the evening classes at 6:30pm and 7:30pm. You can make up for a lost LBP and UBJ by getting a full body strength class Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, and we always have them on the weekends too!

Warrior, Marathon, and Everest

We are also very excited for our new Warrior, Marathon, and Everest classes. With our new software scoring and points system you’ll be able to track your progress, crush those benchmarks, and watch your fitness improve before your eyes. We think you’ll love it so much we’ve added another Everest on Saturdays! Warrior and Marathon now run all day Wednesday and Friday, with another Warrior at 6:30PM and 7:30PM on Thursday nights. Have fun competing with teammates or compete with yourself in trackable, standardized, structured classes.

We spend a lot of time researching and developing our programming designed to build the all around Warrior. Strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, and quickness are just some of the components of fitness that will be developed. We think about everyone from the athlete, the warrior, the beginner, to the person training to face and conquer this life, and are proud of the effective programming we have designed.