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HIFLUXTM is our unique four-week training program that evolves as your muscles adapt—each week, workouts progress
in intensity and volume, and after 4 weeks a new workout is introduced so you’re always challenged and never

It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.

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One Academy Virtual

OA Virtual Class


One Academy Virtual is our livestream virtual training program led by our team of elite trainers. Check out the class schedule and sign up in Mindbody for your next class!

You’ll receive your personal Zoom link 30 minutes before class from FitGrid x One Academy. Be sure to add to your contacts.



60 mins

Unleash your inner Warrior. With longer training intervals of intense exertion, this HiFlux class will put you through your paces and test your agility, strength, and grit. Get a full-body workout with serious results; prepare to give it everything you’ve got.


60 mins

Don’t be fooled by the lighter weights: this HiFlux class is packed with intense mega-bursts of explosive HIIT movements that maximize caloric expenditure and enhance afterburn. In addition to improving cardio and maintaining strength and muscle mass, this class will leave you metabolizing fat at an accelerated rate for up to 48 hours. Bring a towel: this a real sweat fest.


60 mins

Get pumped in this HiFlux™ strength and conditioning class. Cardio bursts, plyometrics, and lifts will have your heart, blood, and muscles pumping. We’re turning up the energy – and the beats – so buckle in for a fun and challenging full body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, energized, and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.


60 mins
The human body is designed to lift, throw, carry, crawl, run, and climb. In this HiFlux™ class, we’re building endurance and strength in a whole new way. You’ll overcome obstacles and physical barriers, challenge your full body, and improve your overall performance. Whether you’re training for an Obstacle Course Race or training to be the best version of yourself – this class is for you.


60 mins

Feeling tenacious? Prove it. This HiFlux class pushes your muscular and cardiovascular endurance to the limit. You’ll master maintaining an extended, steady level of output while facing a gruelling circuit of rowers, assault bikes, treadmills, and strength exercises. This one-hour workout puts your body in the zone to burn fat to fuel better performance. Bring your determination, find your pace, and HANG ON.


Upper Body Jacked

60 mins

Our signature HiFlux™ upper body workout. This strength class will help you build the muscle you need to master pull ups, conquer the climbing rope, and crush your goals. We integrate bars, bands, and core work to get your shoulders, chest, arms, back and abs performing in optimal range, and our expert coaches are always ready to advise you on variations to suit your needs.

Lower Body Pump

60 mins

Leg day like no other! This signature strength class uses barbells, dumbbells and bands to improve strength, power, and speed. Our coaches use reps, sets, rest, and intensity to challenge you to keep your glutes, quads, hamstring, calves, and core firing. In this HiFlux™ class you’ll push your limits, conquer lifts, increase lean muscle mass, tone up, and kick start fat loss


60 mins

To forge the All-Around Warrior, Fortitude tests your strength, endurance, and willpower. Dynamic, total-body strength and conditioning challenges create a huge oxygen demand and caloric burn, resulting in rapid fat loss. In this high-intensity class, anything is fair game. With HIIT intervals, heavy resistance movements, and short rest periods, this hour-long class is all-consuming.

Hump Day Pump Day

60 mins

Smash the mid-week hump with our oxygen pumping, full-body strength workout. This fun, next level class uses our state-of-the-art equipment and dynamic multi-joint movements to increase max strength and improve your body composition. After this hour-long pump fest, you’ll look and feel seriously energized.

Jacked for the Weekend

60 mins

Finish your week strong and head into the weekend with your head held high. This class is as intense as it is fun and upbeat: our coaches will work everything you’ve got with strength building exercises and an ab assault finisher – our way of torching that core.


60 mins

Let’s get Strong. This full body strength class is structured around what we consider the big lifts – Squat, Deadlift, Press, Overhead Press, Row, and Pull-up. You’ll use barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells to perform a variety of multi-joint movements, accessory lifts, uni-lateral movements, and stabilization exercises. You’ll maximize strength while inducing a fat loss response, leaving your body performing, feeling, and looking STRONG.



90 mins

Our 90 minute flagship class is an unyielding circuit that will challenge you to become the ultimate Warrior. After an inspiring warmup, you’ll face the obstacles, runs, lifts and exercises that will put your strength, cardio and endurance to the test. After this gruelling workout, you’ll walk out feeling exhilarated and empowered. Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, this class isn’t easy: you get stronger.

Specialty Classes


OA Run Crew

60 mins

Get to the finish line faster with our OA Run Crew Program.  This program is designed with both beginners and experienced athletes in mind to take your running to the next level.  Coaches Jesse Bruce and Mike Ma use a methodology proven through years of personal experience and training athletes for competition to help you excel in road, trail and obstacle course racing events.

Our program will take you through a series of distinct training phases.  Each phase focuses on a specific running adaptation, progressively building your fitness and running economy, with the goal of peaking your performance on race day when it matters the most.

As a monthly Run Crew member, you’ll get weekly Run Crew programming delivered right to your inbox. You also have access to Run Crew workouts (2x per week) under the supervision of our coaches to bring out your very best during each training session.

Check the schedule for up to date times and meet up locations.

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