1-Week Unlimited Virtual Classes



1-Week Unlimited Virtual Classes

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One Academy On-Demand

On-Demand HiFlux™ Training

Access HiFlux™ training anytime, anywhere with OA On-Demand.

Our On-Demand classes follow the same HiFlux™ training blocks as our live virtual classes, so you can stay on track with your progress and workouts each week. You’ll have unlimited access to strength, conditioning, and recovery classes to build your ideal training routine.

Click below to access OA On-Demand. You will be prompted to sign in to your MindBody account.


Strength & Conditioning

On-Demand includes signature 60-min HiFlux™ strength and conditioning classes including: Fortitude, Sprint, Hump Day Pump Day, Warrior, Jacked for the Weekend, Everest, and Marathon.

Learn more about each class type, here.

Recovery: Mobility & Myofascial Release

A collection of 30-min Mobility and Myofascial Release classes will help you recover, recharge, and perform your best. Grab your foam roller, and meet your Coach in the virtual room.

On-Demand Class Recordings

Each week, you will have access to the current week’s classes.

A recording of the live class will be uploaded daily to the On-Demand gallery. The classes will be available on-demand until the new HiFlux™ training block starts each Monday.

If you have questions about OA On-Demand, email info@oneacademylife.com


One Academy Virtual

OA On-Demand is included in all unlimited memberships.

With virtual unlimited memberships, you get unlimited live and On-Demand classes.

OA On-Demand is not available without an unlimited membership.

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MONTHLY UNLIMITED $89 Unlimited live and on-demand virtual classes on an auto-renew monthly contract. 30 days written notice to cancel.

All prices in CAD
ONE MONTH UNLIMITED $119 Unlimited live and on-demand virtual classes. No contract.

All prices in CAD

Take pride in being part of our growing virtual community. With a 1 week trial of unlimited Virtual Classes for $25 CAD, you’ve got plenty of reasons to make crushing it at home part of your new, normal routine. Start a test week now, and you might just never look back.

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