Refer a new member to One Academy Etobicoke, get a month of training free!


Share the love, and get the rewards! Refer your friends to an OA Etobicoke $49 Trial or OA Etobicoke Unlimited Membership and you'll get your training on us!

Your referrals made between April 12 - June 14 are eligible! Here's how it works:


Refer 3 friends to a $49 Trial at OA Etobicoke, and you'll get 50% off one month of your membership.



Refer an Unlimited Member to OA Etobicoke, and you'll get a one month membership for FREE.

Refer Now


1) Complete THIS FORM to let us know you made a referral. Be sure to fill out a new form for every new referral!

2) When your referral purchases a $49 Trial or Unlimited Membership for OA Etobicoke, we'll send you an email to let you know.

3) We will apply your referral reward to your account within 3 business days. You will receive an email confirmation from us.


Yes! Anyone can make a referral. If you are an OA Leslieville member, you can make a referral to OA Etobicoke. You can choose to have your referral reward applied to your Leslieville membership.

Yes! Anyone can make a referral. You do not need to be a current member at One Academy.

You can make as many referrals as you like. You will only receive your membership credit after your referral purchases the referred service ($49 Trial or Unlimited Membership).

You can refer anyone, as long as they have not used the referred service previously. For example:

  • You can refer someone to a $49 Trial as long as they have not previously done a $49 Trial at OA Etobicoke.
  • You can refer someone to an Unlimited Membership, as long as they have not previously been an Unlimited Member at OA Etobicoke.

No, the referral program only applies to referrals made during the program activation: April 11 - June 14.

When your referral purchases their service, we will add the credit to your account.

  • For trial referrals, you will get the 50% off your membership once all 3 of your referrals have purchased their trials.
  • For Unlimited referrals, you will get your free month of training added to your upcoming month, once your referral has activated their membership.
  • If you are not an existing Unlimited Member, you can specify a preferred date for your free month or 50% off month to start.

You can use your training credit towards HiFLUX® group training.

  • If you’re already a monthly unlimited member, you get your next month of training at 50% off (For trial referrals) or 1 month free (For Unlimited referrals)
  • If you’re a 6 month or Annual member, your membership will be extended by 2 weeks (For trial referrals) or 1 month (For Unlimited referrals)
  • If you’re a non-member (Class Packs, ClassPass, New Member), you will get 50% off a one month membership (For trial referrals), or one month free (For Unlimited referrals)

The free month membership is non-transferable. You cannot transfer your credit to another member.

  • If you are a One Academy Etobicoke Member, you can apply this to your membership at OA Etobicoke.
  • If you are an existing One Academy Leslieville member, you can apply this towards OA Leslieville.
  • If you are a non-member, this will apply to One Academy Etobicoke (Or you may join the OA Leslieville Membership waitlist and have it applied when a space becomes available).

You can start immediately! Start by filling out THIS FORM.

The referral program runs from April 12 - June 14. All referrals must be made within this time frame.


Questions about the OA Referral Program? Email etobicoke@oneacademylife.com