Our Coaches

Jesse Bruce

Co-founder & Program Director

“The harder the struggle, the more it changes us, and the stronger we’ll be at the finish line.”

Coach Jesse has competed in over 50 obstacle course races, and crushed podium finishes in ultra trails, triathlons, road races, and more. Specializing in program design, exercise correction, and sport performance, Jesse designs remarkably effective and inspiring workouts for large and small groups.

  • HBASc Kinesiology
  • Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
  • Poliquin PICP Level 2 Strength Coach
  • Jack Daniels VDOT O2 Certified Running Coach
  • Starrett System - Movement & Mobility Specialist


Coach & Assistant Program Director
One Academy® Leslieville

“You don’t inspire people by showing them what you can do. You inspire people by showing them what they can do”

With over 100 events in his competitive background, Coach Leo has been bringing his knowledge of grit and goal crushing to One Academy since its inception. He’s a pro in training for both life and competition, a quality that shines through in his classes and one-on-one coaching.

  • Canfitpro CPT
  • DTS Level 1
  • DTS Hypertrophy
  • DTS Kettlebell Coach
  • Spartan SGX Coach
  • Spartan SGX Obstacle Specialist

Robby Moss

Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Leslieville & Etobicoke

“Respect all. Fear none.”  

Coach Robby’s entry into the fitness world started as a 6 year old in Taekwondo, and he’s been building his martial arts resume ever since. Robby’s love for connecting with people through training paves the way for helping his clients develop positive positive habits and have a great time along the way.

  • Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma
  • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach
  • ISSA Certified Nutritionist


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Leslieville & Etobicoke

“Always can.”

Coach Neil is no stranger to the barriers and setbacks clients may face, so he ensures you’re prepared to handle anything life throws your way. With expertise in strength and conditioning and injury recovery, Coach Neil approaches all his sessions with a special level of intensity and inspiration that will bring the best out of everyone. 

  • ACE Personal Training
  • DTS Level 1
  • DTS Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • CPR and AED


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Leslieville & Etobicoke

“Our limits are only in our mind; see the vision for yourself, believe, and implement.”

Angie started her career as a gymnastics coach, later making her way to personal training and making a name for herself in the world of bodybuilding. Specializing in weight training and flexibility, her mission is to guide clients to confidence and success. She's not just about workouts but also uncovering barriers and strategizing solutions.

  • Can Fit Pro PTS & FIS
  • TOA Flow Institute - YYT 200
  • IFBB Fitness Pro (since 2023)
  • Bikini competitor CPA & IFBB
  • 2x Canadian National Fitness Champion


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Leslieville

“Follow the process and the results will follow.” 

Coach Addison's background in powerlifting makes him well equipped to apply core lifting techniques to clients of all abilities, helping them excel in their training. His empathetic coaching style will set you up for success to make you the strongest version of yourself in a positive and personable training environment.

  • Canfitpro CPT
  • DTS Level 1


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Etobicoke

“Everyone wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what beasts do”

Coach Nick’s background in athletic development paves the way for his “train for life” mentality. With a focus on mental and physical tenacity, his repertoire as a trainer, OCR athlete, breath work coach, and fascial strength therapist helps define his multifaceted approach to 1:1 coaching. 

  • Certified Fitness Instructor; Group Training
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Mental Health Coach (Addiction/Trauma)
  • Certified Breath Work Facilitator; Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator
  • Hockey Canada Development Coach; AAA
  • HYROX Certified Coach


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Etobicoke

“Don’t wish for it, work for it.”

With 19 years of experience as a respiratory therapist, Coach Jenny is no stranger to helping others - a skill which shines through in her coaching techniques. As a member of the OA community right from the start, she has ample experience lifting, cycling, and obstacle course racing, and is ready to pass her knowledge onto you! 

  • Poliquin Personal Training
  • BLS (Basic Life Support) 
  • Health Science Diploma, Michener Institute
  • BSc, University of Toronto


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Etobicoke

“Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.”

Coach Brian’s background in team sport and fascination with human potential ignited his passion for movement. His studies in kinesiology and massage therapy opened the doors for him to help others in their fitness and sport performance journey, whether seasoned athletes or weekend warriors.

  • BAScKin
  • RMT
  • Certified Functional Myofascial Practitioner (CFMP)
  • Certified Cupping Therapist
  • Instrument Assisted Soft-tissue Manipulation (IASTM)


Coach & Personal Trainer
One Academy® Etobicoke

"Motivation is a myth. Discipline is a choice."

Coach Chelsie is a lifelong athlete with a love for connecting with her clients. You can find her on the sidelines cheering you on, or on the race course crushing obstacles and crossing finish lines. Her superpower is her infectious enthusiasm that will no doubt have you moving with confidence.

  • Personal Trainer Specialist
  • Level 1 Kettlebells


One Academy® Leslieville

“The magic starts happening, when you give it everything you got."

Coach Greer’s love for training stems from her background in various team sports as a kid, and her passion for all forms of movement. She believes that movement is medicine, and is dedicated to the pursuit of helping memberships build healthy minds and bodies.

  • American Council of Exercise ACE
  • DTS Level One
  • DTS  Strength and Conditioning coach
  • CPR and AED


One Academy® Leslieville

“See every challenge as a step towards becoming the strongest, most resilient version of yourself.”

With years of experience working as a spin and HIIT instructor, Coach Nariko is ready to push you to your limits. For Nariko, the best part of group fitness is the sense of community that is created when individuals of all backgrounds and abilities come together to support one another in their goals.

  • Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist 
  • CPR and AED 
  • Precision Nutrition L1 Certification

James Kitts

OA Endurance Coach
One Academy® Leslieville

Coach James is an experienced triathlete, who made the pivot to endurance sport from hockey following his varsity career. His drive to achieve physical and mental fitness elevated him to a highly competitive level, and now he dedicates his time outside of the law office to helping others elevate their endurance skills.

  • NCCP Qualified Coach
  • Endurance Athlete
  • Ironman World Championship 2022 Qualifier
  • 3 x Ironman Finisher
  • 4 x Ironman 70.3 Finisher

Our Wellness Practitioners

Julia Marshall

Doctor of Chiropractic 
One Academy® Leslieville

Julia understands the importance of movement for physical and mental health. Starting with a functional movement assessment, Julia tailors treatment plans to each individual using a mix of Contemporary Neurofunctional Acupuncture, cupping, kinesiotaping, soft tissue therapy, and spinal manipulation.

Her work with athletes, pregnant and postnatal patients, and weekend Warriors illustrates Julia's passion to empowering others to become active participants in their own health and wellbeing.


Nicole Burt

Registered Massage Therapist
One Academy® Leslieville

Growing up in the world of figure skating, Nicole has had her fair share of injuries and is well versed in physical stressors we come across in daily life or sport. This insight and her love for helping others ultimately lead her to a career as a massage therapist.

Nicole uses a combination of deep tissue massage and cupping techniques on her table, as well as discussing other health care options to compliment her treatment to offer a more well rounded client care plan.



One Academy® Leslieville

With over 16 years of experience, and having practiced all over the world, Valerie maintains a wealth of knowledge in a number of disciplines such as pelvic floor physio, orthopaedic rehabilitation, dry needling, and kinesiotaping.

With her vast expertise a wide range of patient populations, Valerie is ready to guide your recovery from musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction, post-surgical rehabilitation, neck and back pain, and more.


Sarah Casciato

Registered Dietitian
One Academy® Etobicoke

With expertise in personalized nutrition counselling, Sarah prioritizes meeting her clients where they're at in order to address their specific health and fitness goals. She works with her clients to not only promote the sustainable implementation of evidence-based nutrition strategies into their individualized lifestyles, but also to understand the 'whys' behind their current habits to address key gaps in nutrition.

  • Bachelors of Applied Science (BASc.) in Applied Human Nutrition
  • Masters of Health Science (MHSc.) in Nutrition Communication
  • Certified Craving Change Facilitator

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Johnny Lo

Registered Massage Therapist
One Academy® Etobicoke

Johnny (Tsun Yip) Lo is a registered massage therapist (RMT) with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Supplementing his massage therapy skills, he has worked as a personal trainer and is also a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN). His education and clinical experience allows him to treat a great spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from sports related injuries or muscle imbalances to wear and tear of daily life and work. During his free time Johnny loves to train outdoors for strength and injury prevention. When at home, he loves to read.

Johnny graduated from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy with cum laude.