Our training philosophy


HIFLUX® is our unique four-week training program that evolves as your muscles adapt.

Each week, workouts progress in intensity and volume. After 4 weeks a new block is introduced so you’re always challenged, and never plateau.

It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.

Strength Classes

60 mins

Our signature HiFlux® upper body workout. This strength class will help you build the muscle you need to master pull ups, conquer the climbing rope, and crush your goals. We integrate bars, bands, and core work to get your shoulders, chest, arms, back and abs performing in optimal range, and our expert coaches are always ready to advise you on variations to suit your needs.

60 mins

Leg day like no other! This signature strength class uses barbells, dumbbells and bands to improve strength, power, and speed. Our coaches use reps, sets, rest, and intensity to challenge you to keep your glutes, quads, hamstring, calves, and core firing. In this HiFlux™ class you’ll push your limits, conquer lifts, increase lean muscle mass, tone up, and kick start fat loss

60 mins

To forge the All-Around Warrior, Fortitude tests your strength, endurance, and willpower. Dynamic, total-body strength and conditioning challenges create a huge oxygen demand and caloric burn, resulting in rapid fat loss. In this high-intensity class, anything is fair game. With HIIT intervals, heavy resistance movements, and short rest periods, this hour-long class is all-consuming.

60 mins

Get your midweek pump with this full-body class designed to combine your multi-joint compound lifts with specialty sets to initiate muscle growth, increase energy expenditure, and expedite fat loss. This is the perfect class to elevate your gains and have you looking and feeling energized!

60 mins

We’re taking it down a notch for the weekend - but the hard work doesn’t stop! In Jacked for the Weekend we are working on high-rep hypertrophy sets to get you ready for Friday night, and specialized sets that zero in on stabilizing and postural muscles that drive your success and longevity in training.

60 mins

Let’s get Strong. This full body strength class is structured around what we consider the big lifts – Squat, Deadlift, Press, Overhead Press, Row, and Pull-up. You’ll use barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells to perform a variety of multi-joint movements, accessory lifts, uni-lateral movements, and stabilization exercises. You’ll maximize strength while inducing a fat loss response, leaving your body performing, feeling, and looking STRONG.

Conditioning Classes

HiFLUX-X provides an electrifying atmosphere, matching the vibes that hype you up to cross the finish line or crush your class. This highly structured and measurable class taps into the strength and conditioning elements of competitive fitness racing - but for the everyday Warrior!

This class is designed so you can track your performance and chase your own personal best week after week. We recommend logging your results in our TrainHeroic app to track your progress!

Perform is a high-intensity class designed for those seeking to enhance their overall performance in the gym, on the mountain, road, or court.

This dynamic and comprehensive workout incorporates a range of exercises and training modalities to improve conditioning, stability, agility, speed, power, strength, and overall athletic performance. You'll be ready for when it counts!

60 mins

Warrior starts off with a performance circuit developing strength, agility, power, speed, quickness and more to maximize conditioning while building lean muscle.

The class is topped off with a Warrior Finisher that will challenge your aerobic capacity in a standardized and measurable format. Prepare to give it everything you’ve got!

60 mins

This conditioning and performance class incorporates specific drills developing speed, quickness, agility, and power and balances them with carefully placed lifts and core exercises.

You’ll increase athleticism while triggering major caloric expenditure, fat loss, and increasing lean muscle. 

60 mins

This is a high energy class combining multi-joint lifts, plyometrics, and sprints to induce a high metabolic stress to the body resulting in significant caloric expenditure and massive improvements in body composition. Buckle in for a fun and challenging full body workout that will leave you feeling stronger, energized, and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.

60 mins

Feeling tenacious? Prove it.

Set your pace and watch your work capacity grow! Combining cardio machines with light weight movements, conquer this conditioning class at 65-75% of your max effort for a blood bumping endurance workout, or boost it to 80% for an effective threshold workout that will effectively elevate your baseline. 

Signature Classes

90 mins

Our 90-min flagship class is the most epic group training class you will find.

After an inspiring warm up you’ll take on a high energy and exhilarating team performance circuit of obstacles, runs, lifts, and strength exercises. This class finishes with our signature, measurable, standardized Everest Finisher. You’ll work your way up a mountain – if you can conquer this class, you can conquer Mt. Everest.

Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

Virtual Classes

50 - 60 mins

One Academy Virtual is our livestream virtual training program led by our team of elite trainers. Check out the class schedule and sign up in Mindbody for your next class!

You’ll receive your personal Zoom link 30 minutes before class from FitGrid x One Academy. Be sure to add hello@fitgrid.com to your contacts.

Specialty Classes

60 mins

Get to the finish line faster with our OA Endurance Run program. This program is designed with both beginners and experienced athletes in mind to take your running to the next level. 

Coaches Jesse Bruce and Mike Ma use a methodology proven through years of personal experience and training athletes for competition to help you excel in road, trail and obstacle course racing events.

Our program will take you through a series of distinct training phases.  Each phase focuses on a specific running adaptation, progressively building your fitness and running economy, with the goal of peaking your performance on race day when it matters the most.

Check the schedule for up to date times and meet up locations.

This progressive periodized cycling plan is for for all levels of aspiring Triathletes, Duathletes, and Cyclists.

In this class, you will develop your fitness and peak to perform at your best for Spring and Summer events. This program is ideal for anyone working towards a race in the Spring/Summer 2023 including: Muskoka 70.3, Muscle Man 70.3, Gravenhurst Olympic & Sprint weekend, and Toronto Triathlon Festival.


This is a Virtual class, delivered by your Coach via Zwift. Here is what you will need to participate from home:

  • A bike (or smart bike)
  • A trainer or a set of rollers
  • An ANT+ or Bluetooth measurement tool: A power meter, smart trainer or speed/cadence sensor
  • A computer, smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth or ANT+ (or an ANT+ USB dongle)

Join the OA Endurance team and Coach James Kitts for group swim sessions, in preparation for your upcoming events or for general fitness.

Workouts consist of swim drills and an opportunity to receive feedback on swim stroke and technique from your Coach. At the beginning of every session, we will meet to demonstrate the workout.

Drop-in swim sessions open to everyone, you do not need to be an OA Endurance member.

Location: Monarch Park Indoor Pool

It is recommended that you can swim 2 lengths of the pool comfortably.