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You have a goal, and you’re ready to crush it with an OA Coach. The best way to conquer any goal is to break it down and focus on the foundation. So, we’ve designed 3 brand new Focused Foundations Packages with niche goals in mind:


1. FIND YOUR 1RM: For Warriors looking to discover their strength

Have you been trying to push and pull some heavy weight, but hitting some roadblocks? It’s time to leave the nagging injuries, strength plateaus, and form breakdown behind by working with an OA Coach to find your 1 rep max in a safe and controlled environment.

Finding your 1 RM (or even 3 RM) plays a critical role in how you move forward in training. These numbers will inform the load and intensity prescribed in the rest of your training sessions, and push you to beat plateaus and hit new personal bests in class!

By the end of this Focus, you will walk away with:

  • Your true 1 or 3 repetition maximums for your big lifts including squat, deadlift, bench press
  • Knowing which factors are holding you back from progression (mobility limitations, motor control, form)
  • Necessary warm ups, and mobility and activation drills to support your form and technique


2. MACHINE MASTERY: For Warriors looking to step it up on the rower, skier, and bike

Looking to beat your best score in Marathon or Everest? When it comes to machines, it’s more than just cranking the resistance to 10 and trying to stack those calories as fast as possible. Focusing first on the numbers, and second on what your body is actually doing, is likely resulting in inefficient movement and wasted energy.

The slightest adjustment in technique can be the thing that shoots you to the top of the leaderboard, so let an OA Coach share the secrets to machine mastery so you can crush your conditioning! 

By the end of this Focus, you will:

  • Understand how the cardio machines work and how to use them for maximum efficiency 
  • Learn how to set each machine up based on your body specifications for the most efficient effort and power
  • Know pacing strategies to help you maximize your performance and get your name on that leaderboard


3. BODYWEIGHT BEST: For Warriors looking to hone bodyweight skills

We use our bodies everyday and continuously move impressive weight in class, but getting your first pull up, push up, rope climb, or rig run can be quite the challenge. 

If you’ve hit a plateau in your progress for any of these bodyweight movements, or are just not sure where to start, our OA Coaches are here to help you zero in on any limiting factors.

By the end of this Focus, you will walk away with:

  • Specific areas of improvement as it relates to overall strength and your movement goal 
  • A collection of progressions and accessory movements appropriate for building on your current level of strength
  • A structured workout plan to achieve your goals

The idea is that you get the support you need to crush your goal in three sessions. What happens after? If you wish to continue with your OA Coach, then awesome! But if classes are more your thing, you’ll be leaving with a new skill, a detailed account of how you built that skill, and the knowledge to confidently progress in your workouts.


Know where you’re going.

Yogi Berra famously said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else,” and nothing rings more true for your training. How will we know where we are going? Meaningful, session-based goals! 

With the Focused Foundations Package, you’ll be given a playbook so you and your Coach can design some specific and measurable goals. Your primary goal will be what you intend on achieving within the three sessions of your Focused Foundations Package. The magnitude of the goal, as well as the work that needs to happen to get you there, will depend on where you are on your fitness journey. Nevertheless, your coach will provide you with training tips to get you there. 

You can also write yourself a secondary goal. This might be something that you can achieve alongside your primary goal, but it also might be a larger goal for which your primary goal is a stepping stone. 

For example, your primary goal is to work towards your first full push up, but your secondary goal is to work towards a weighted push up, a clapping push up, or a higher total on your bench press. For all of these secondary goals, a solid push-up is a great foundation to have!


Putting in the work. 

Let’s talk about that! You can get a lot done in three sessions, but don’t forget that the work you do outside of your sessions can have a meaningful impact on reaching your goal. Coaches will make suggestions about what you can do differently in class or your independent training, but we’re going back to our roots with the Focused Foundations Package - homework! 

This homework is different, though. I don’t know any kids who ever had a long division goal, but the goal of your Focused Foundations is one that you’ve decided to work towards, and every session is based on that. The homework given to you by your Coach will be tasks that support your primary (and secondary) goal. If your goal is to get your first push up with pain-free wrists, then your Coach might have you working on wrist stabilization and strengthening between sessions.

Any exercise prescriptions that your Coach wants you to roll into your daily routine can be noted by you in your playbook - so keep it close! 


When you get there.

You’ve completed your three sessions, and you’ve determined a one rep max for your big lifts, or you’ve mastered the cardio machines, or you’ve crushed that pull-up… what now?

The choice is yours! Your playbook will have all the information about how you achieved your goal - warm ups, exercises, key takeaways, things to work on. Take this with you and use it as maintenance, or revisit the program if you feel your skills need some polishing up. 

Your Coach will also provide you with homework notes for your final session; these will be things to work on as you move forward in your training. Everything from morning mobility, pre-class warm ups and activation, to post-training stretches will be noted in this part of your playbook. 

But maybe you crushed an impressive goal, and want to continue conquering more mountains with your Coach. That’s great! Our PT program has a range of training packages available, and our Coaches are always here to help you put in the work. 



If you’re looking to work alongside an OA Coach to find your 1 rep max, master the machines, or hone your bodyweight skills, look no further than the Focused Foundations! Our Coaches are here to help you crush your goals. Fill out our intake form to get more information, or drop us a line at 


By: Sarah McManus

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