HiFLUX®: Your guide to our training methodology

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You may have noticed the term HiFLUX® adorning the facility walls or mentioned on our social media - but what is it exactly? Designed by Head Coach, Jesse Bruce, HiFLUX® is the very training methodology that gets you results in every element of your fitness. 


What is the HiFLUX® Training Methodology?

If you haven’t tried us yet, here’s a little breakdown: HiFLUX® is our four-week training program that evolves alongside your newly improved fitness - it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger

Each week of the program manipulates different elements of training to create meaningful adaptation while also managing fatigue. The changes will vary from class to class, depending on whether the focus is on strength or conditioning, but the bottom line is that you’re always pushing through plateaus.


How does HiFLUX® work? 

For a block of HiFLUX® strength classes, you’ll start with an accumulation phase in weeks one and two, moving to an intensification phase during weeks three and four. 

  • Weeks 1 & 2: Build your base and boost your muscular endurance with high volume sets, short rest periods, and a wide range of exercises. 
  • Weeks 3 & 4: Use your new base to push intensity to new heights and increase the numbers on the bigger compound lifts. 

TIP: Get a hands-on example by booking a HiFLUX® strength class, like Strong, Hump Day Pump Day, or Upper Body Jacked.


For HiFLUX® conditioning classes, the approach is the same but the variables will differ. These classes demand variation across pace and effort, which will be influenced by the goal of the session. You’ll always be working to increase elements of fitness such as endurance, speed, agility, or explosiveness, but focused on different aspects depending on the style of the class

  • Continuous training: Classes like Everest and HiFLUX-X are your opportunity to find a pace at which you can work continuously. Starting at about a 6/10 effort, you should be able to maintain that pace throughout the class, and week over week you can work on moving with higher effort, consistently. 
  • Interval training: Classes like Sprint and Perform are where you use work intervals to give it your all. From about an 8/10 effort and always pushing to your maximum ability, these short bursts of work are where we challenge our threshold and develop speed and explosiveness.

TIP: With every conditioning class, push your effort to new heights and a better score with more rounds, reps, and distance. Doing at least one continuous and one interval class every week provides you with a baseline that you can build off of for the next class. 


Who is HiFLUX® for?

Whether you’re new on your fitness journey, a seasoned lover of exercise, or actively signing up for races, the HiFLUX® training methodology at One Academy is for you! 

It’s a broad statement, but we promise it’s true. Our HiFLUX® classes are the only place where you can be posted up at a squat rack next to an obstacle course champ or relaying a partner workout with a first timer. The only thing better than the workout itself is the camaraderie that comes along with this mix of fitness lovers! 


Ready to start? 

Our Two-Week Trial is the best way to jump into the HiFLUX® training methodology at One Academy. Get your two weeks of unlimited group training now to see what our community is all about. Don’t forget to follow us @oneacademylife on Instagram for sneak peeks to special programming and schedules.

Looking to learn some more? Drop us a line at info@oneacademylife.com - we would love to hear from you! 


By: Sarah McManus

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