Warrior Spotlight: Building strength, confidence, and community with Todd and Coach Nick

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A simple Google search can be the start of something great - and our Warrior Todd is the perfect example of that! He wanted to work on the cornerstones: mobility, athleticism, and overall health. He ended up with a well-rounded training routine, a community of like-minded folks, and a knack for crushing every goal he sets for himself.

Check out our Q&A to see what’s on the go and up next for our Warrior, Todd!

How long have you been training at OA and with Coach Nick?

I started training with Nick in December 2023, right after One Academy Etobicoke opened, and it’s been more than just one-on-one training sessions. It’s like a fitness mentorship - educating, supporting and helping me build confidence to get me where I want to be in my fitness goals. 

Since the start of your training, what changes have you noticed?

Prior to December I hadn't worked out much for the last 6-8 years - just random body weight exercises at home, and for most people that can only get you so far. Since training at OA, between classes and 1:1 with Nick, my body composition has improved much better, my mood in general is better, and I have much more energy.

You’ve dabbled in some Wellness Lab assessments after starting 1:1 training; what prompted you to partake in the initial Proteus assessment?

Nick recognized early on deficiencies in the way I was moving in the workouts and we just started talking about the wellness tests and the value of understanding imbalances to avoid injuries and be effective with training. That discussion and moving forward with the assessments to identify the imbalances has been pivotal to my training. 

Coach Nick indicated some pretty amazing improvements in balance and power output - what are some of the ways you were able to make those changes in only 8 weeks?

Nick has been great in applying the data effectively. The workouts have been focused and specific to where I'm at with my current capabilities. We have been able to focus on exercises that have strengthened my weaknesses and this has helped me develop in a very balanced way. The test results have made the workouts focused and have provided motivation to achieve specific targets. Kind of like a roadmap to my fitness. I know where I'm going now it's up to me to get there.

After making these improvements, how do you feel it has contributed to your training in PT sessions and in class?

These improvements have helped in all aspects. I feel I can do pretty much any class now. What we focus on in PT relates directly to all of the classes. Learning the techniques and proper form has made me more efficient and helped me understand the movements and progressions in the classes and has given me the confidence to push myself beyond the traditional workouts that I am familiar with - becoming stronger and more athletic again.

Which development are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of the commitment to keep going and to keep learning about the different elements of fitness. I seem to be leveling up every month.

What do you enjoy about the community at OA?

The community was unexpected for me. Everyone at One Academy from the staff to other members have been amazing. I don't think that I have ever been in a gym environment that is so welcoming and supportive. It has become a large part of the experience for me.

How do you feel your training will evolve over the rest of 2024?

I’m just going to keep going - keep evolving and keep trying new classes and challenges. With the Proteus and other Lab assessments complete, we can set some specific goals for the rest of the year and keep driving forward to achieve them. We have all of the information compiled - now we will build the road map. It Starts Here!


Ready to start your own journey and elevate your fitness, like Todd? Whether you're looking to achieve a specific goal or want to understand your body better with our Wellness Lab, the dedicated Coaching Team at One Academy is here to guide you every step of the way. Get started with a complimentary consultation for the Wellness Lab or Personal Training, and be connected with a Coach today! 

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