Elevate Your Running Warm-Up Routine with Dynamic Drills

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Training for race season is underway, which means you’re probably looking to elevate your routine. Changing your running game is going to take more than just the basic warm-up jog, so it’s time to pick up the pace with dynamic drills that not only prep your body, but also enhance your technique and form.

Let's dive into three dynamic drills – A's and C's, Karaokes, and Single Leg Hops – that can elevate your endurance training and optimize your running workouts.


A's and C's: Flexibility and Coordination in Motion

The A's and C's drills are like a secret weapon for endurance athletes. Picture this: lifting your knees high like the letter 'A' or swinging your legs out in a circular motion like the letter 'C.' These movements aren't just for show – they're dynamic stretches that limber up your muscles, boost coordination, and get your mind in the zone.

For a quality warm-up, shoot for 2-3 sets of 20-30 meters for each drill. As you go, feel the tension melt away and your body loosen up, ready to tackle those miles.


Carioca (or, Karaoke): Side-to-Side Agility Training

Running isn’t all about moving forward - warming up in various planes of movement will prep you for anything the trail throws your way. Karaokes, also known as grapevines or side shuffles, add a whole new dimension to your warm-up. By crossing your feet over each other sideways, you're not just warming up – you're enhancing your lateral movement, agility, and overall coordination.

Include 2-3 sets of 20-30 meters in each direction in your warm-up routine, and watch as your body becomes more agile and responsive with every step.


Single Leg Hops: Strength and Stability Boosters

Entertaining your inner child or unleashing your inner athlete? Single leg hops not only challenge balance and stability, but will help you hone the strength and muscular power needed for powerful bouts of extension to propel you past the finish line. It's like a mini-workout before the real workout, targeting those key running muscles and getting them firing on all cylinders.

Integrate 2-3 sets of 10-15 hops per leg into your warm-up to build a strong, resilient foundation and your power up your strides.


Elevate Your Running Game with OA Endurance Run Crew

If you’re looking to find your stride, the OA Endurance program is the best way to get you crossing new finish lines! With weekly programming and group runs, it’s time to lace up, join the crew, and elevate your running game with our expert coaches and supportive community of Warriors.

Looking for some inspiration? Set up a consultation to learn more about the program and how OA Endurance can get you crushing your goals! 

If you’re ready to jump in, set yourself up with the program and join us for a group run in Etobicoke or Leslieville!

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